White Hall Church of Christ, Fairmont, WV

Life Group Page

The Life Group Ministry is designed to reach out to those members needing encouragement including the sick, the shut-ins and the lost sheep. Our Ministry Leader is Kevin Lough.


Make an attempt to visit your contact within a month of receiving your visitation form. Pray for success, pray that God's Spirit softens their hearts, and pray that God will give the increase!!!

To fill out the following "Life Group Visitation Report", first fill in your name and then your email address.

Then answer the following questions in the "6 Questions to Diane Tonkery" comments box.

1. Who were you assigned to visit?

2.In your opinion, how did the visit go? Good - Fair - Poor - Unable to make visit.

3. Did your contact have any requests for their church family, minister, or shepherds?      Yes - No           If yes, please explain.

4. Did your contact express a desire to return to worship services?     Yes - No          If no, why?

5. Visit made by ________________

6. Date of visit _________________


Then click on "Submit Information to Diane Tonkery" button.


The box entitled "6 Questions to Diane Tonkery" should look like this:

1. John Doe

2. Good (Fair, Poor, etc.)

3. Yes (or No)

4. Yes (or No)

5. Jane Doe

6. 10/10/05

Life Group Visitation Report