Description of chosen Ministry Committees

Buildings and Grounds Ministry: (Ministry Leaders are Alan Riley and Rick Earle)
This Ministry shall be responsible for planning and overseeing the routine maintenance and upkeep functions of the church’s properties and overseeing special improvement projects necessary to ensure a pleasant and safe meeting place for the church.

Benevolence Ministry: (Ministry Leader is Randy Pheasant)
This Ministry committee will be responsible for planning and coordinating acts of benevolence toward the church membership and local community.

Communications Ministry:
(Ministry Leader is Ken Cottrell)                                
Maintaining the church’s web site and preparation of the bulletin and special announcements will fall under this committee as well as other areas of communication that are identified by the new committee.

Education Ministry: (Ministry Leader is Cliff Titchenell)
This Ministry committee encompasses the responsibilities of the existing Education committee; the main purpose shall continue to be ensuring that teachers are assigned and teaching materials are ordered and overseeing other tasks needed to keep Whitehall’s Education program current and effective.

Evangelism and Outreach Ministry: (Ministry Leader is Lynn Clelland)
This committee will explore and promote programs designed to reach the lost primarily in our local community to ensure the Great Commission continues to be accomplished.

Fellowship and Activities Ministry: (Ministry Leader is Matt Tonkery)
This Ministry’s goal will be to plan fellowship activities including meals, picnics, and other church functions designed to build up and edify the church membership.

Life Group Ministry: (Ministry Leader Kevin Lough) This Ministry is continuation of existing Life Group program which is designed to reach out to those members needing encouragement including sick and shut-ins and lost sheep.

Teen Ministry:
(Ministry Leader is David Perkins)
This Ministry, as the name implies, will focus on building up and encouraging the youth of the church. This includes arranging for sound biblical instruction and also planning and organizing youth activities such as youth retreats, devotions and other functions to encourage more overall participation of our youth.

Worship Ministry: (Ministry Leader is Rob Pugh)
This Ministry will plan for the worship of the church including ensuring the worship participation schedule is organized from week to week and also planning special worship events such as special song and prayer services and other enhancements to our worship.

Door Greeters Ministry: (Ministry Leaders are Otto Kaiser & Amy Kaiser)
This Ministry will organize and schedule door greeters so that every person coming in our doors and everyone leaving our doors will be greeted.